Sustainable services

As part of reducing our environmental impact, Tikkurila offers its customers consulting services to choose the right product for any surface. The most important task of paint is to protect and decorate. Selecting a high-quality paint that appropriate for the surface material is crucial in reducing the maintenance need of the painted surface and extend the service life of the object, structure or building. 

Wood, concrete, and metal all require different paint properties. At Tikkurila, we also guide our customers to minimise paint waste and ensure that products and packaging are appropriately recycled. Our website includes comprises a Paint Calculator to help estimate the right amount of paint needed, as well as advise for cleaning tools and the correct recycling and disposal of paints and packaging waste. In addition, our Customer Service experts answer questions on our paints and their use for both consumers and professionals. 

“Through Maalilinja our customers get information about how to choose the right product for the right purpose.”