At Tikkurila, we have over 300 eco-labelled products with international or national eco-labels, allergy or asthma labels or M1 classification:

THE EU ECOLABEL is a joint eco-label of the European Union (EU). In 1997, Tikkurila’s water-borne Joker was the first Finnish paint to receive the EU Ecolabel. In 1996, our Swedish paint brand Alcro was granted its first EU Ecolabel. 


THE NORDIC ECOLABEL, THE SWAN ECOLABEL is the official eco-label in the Nordic countries. In 2006, Tikkurila in Sweden was the first Swedish company to receive the Swan Ecolabel for its. interior products, and in 2009, we received the eco-label for our exterior paints. In Finland, we were granted the first Swan Ecolabels for our interior paints Joker and Remontti-Ässä in 2011. 


ALLERGY AND ASTHMA LABELS indicates a product that meets strict product-specific requirements and contains no fragrances or other generally irritating or sensitising agents. Our solvent-free Remontti-Ässä is the first Finnish paint to have been granted the right to use the label of the Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation of Finland. 


M1 CERTIFICATION for building materials in interior use, such as paints, can be classified according to the compounds they emit into the air. In Finland, the Finnish Association for Indoor Air Quality (Sisäilmayhdistys) has published a building material classification, which divides products into three classes (M1, M2, M3). Many of Tikkurila’s products are M1 certified.


 ”Tikkurila has more than 300 eco-labelled products, which is the largest number in its market areas.” – Mats Hägerström, Director, Sustainability.