Materiality assessment

Raw materials, energy, water, as well as various services are important production factors for Tikkurila. Our Sourcing sustainability team has the responsibility are responsible for to meeting sustainability targets for sourced energy and packaging. Direct materials, which account for about 60% of purchases, include fillers, binders, pigments, solvents and additives, as well as packaging materials, mainly metal, plastic, and cardboard. 

In the supplier chain, the manufacture of raw materials and packaging materials, partner selection, and effective and reliable co-operation with partners have the greatest impact on Tikkurila's business, success and profitability, as well as the realization of social and environmental responsibility. 

Tikkurila monitors and assesses supplier collaboration on a regular basis through evaluation and auditing processes. As part of the evaluation process Tikkurila utilizes the EcoVadis Social Responsibility platform. 

"What is a materiality assessment? Materiality assessments are used to identify key sustainability issues and turn them into targets, strategy, and monitoring. These contain the most important environmental, social and corporate responsibility topics for Tikkurila and its stakeholders.