Community involvement

Tikkurila is a responsible and active corporate citizen in its local communities, and invests in activities that promote community involvement in its operating countries.
Community involvement


At Tikkurila, we see working together and engaging with local communities, maintaining a dialogue and open interaction, as well as caring for people and our environment as important means of promoting people's well-being and sense of community. At the same time, they are a way for us to raise our profile and promote our business.

Sustainable Beauty program

Sustainable Beauty is Tikkurila’s program for social responsibility. With the help of the program, we inspire people and communities to improve their living environment and to create beautiful, sustainable and user-friendly environment. By actively participating in projects where paint and colors create joy, comfort, and sustainable beauty, we are able to contribute to the well-being of children, youth, adults, and the elderly.

The Sustainable Beauty program has provided an opportunity for communities and associations to ideate and implement a better and more colourful environment using Tikkurila products. The need for and interest in such spontaneous activity has increased while funding by the society is being reduced everywhere.

In honour of the 150th anniversary, Tikkurila introduced the “Sustainable Beauty” program for social responsibility. Since 2012, we have taken part in some 200 Sustainable Beauty projects in 12 countries we operate. Tikkurila’s paints and coatings have been used to renovate and decorate building façades, parks, day care centers and their yards as well as schools, among others.


If you know an object or project that needs our help as well as colors and sustainable beauty, propose that to us by sending us email via the above link. Add short description of the project and we will contact you.