Environmental protection

Environmental protection is an integral part of our production. We ensure the protection of the natural environment, the well-being of people, and the promotion of sustainable development through high quality and safety in our own activities.
Environmental protection


We take into consideration the environmental impact of our operations throughout the product life-cycle and seek to minimize the environmental load. Our proactive efforts and continuous improvement actions, as well as our focus on work, chemical, and fire safety, are aimed at preventing any potential environmental damage. Our properties and production facilities are operated and managed so that they do not cause safety or environmental risks or undue inconvenience to the local residents. In many of our production facilities, the production process is closed.

Our resource-efficient operations focus on using raw materials, energy, and water more efficiently, as well as on waste reduction and recycling. Waste, wastewater, and emissions are properly treated in accordance with local legislation, practices, and permits.

The primary purpose of waste management is to avoid the production of waste. All waste is recycled, reused, or directed to energy recovery to the extent possible. Waste is sorted at every site. If possible, the process wastewater is utilized in paint production. Some sites deliver their wastewater to municipal wastewater treatment facilities, while some treat wastewater on site. Emissions from production, such as dust, VOC, and noise, have been minimized and are systematically monitored.