Safety first

Tikkurila wants to be a safe place to work for everyone – our employees, contractors, and partners. We actively promote a culture that emphasises safety, along with developing risk assessment and preventive action strategies. Maintaining work health and safety also provides us new ways to improve our efficiency and reduce staff sick leave days. 

The health and safety of our employees is constantly evaluated, based on which corrective measures can be initiated. In our practical safety work, we invest in training, active dialogue, inspection tours, health and safety observations, as well as internal and external audits. In addition, we strive to continuously improve tools, equipment, and work ergonomics. To support safety and health activities, we have updated our software tool for: reporting safety observations and incidents, identifying root causes of incidents, planning corrective actions, and monitoring progress. The software is available to all employees and includes notifications and alerts to line managers. All accidents are analysed and corrective actions identified. Lessons learned from significant incidents are shared openly and reviewed at all our production facilities. 

Information sharing is an important factor in improving our health and safety. Related issues are discussed with employees: at meetings, training sessions, and during safety inspections. Work health and safety is a part of the induction programme for every new employee. All employees are encouraged to report hazards and make suggestions for improvement. Safety statistics and other information are shared through visual management notice boards, dedicated safety bulletin boards at specific locations, company releases and emails, and the SafeTi software tool.

”We always put safety first in our operations”– Sirpa Möller, Tikkurila's Health and Safety Manager.