Product life-cycle

At Tikkurila, we use a life-cycle approach to assess the environmental performance profiles of paints and coatings. This encourages us to continuously  optimise the life-cycle performance of a coated or painted surface. Optimised paint and coating formulations secure a long service life for wood, metal, stone, and other treated materials: 

  • with the minimal amount of paint needed to produce optimal results, 
  • using raw materials with as low a negative environmental impact as possible without compromising the paint's protective properties,
  • or the durability and coverability of the paint or coating in its intended use environment.

The quality of the product affects the environmental impact of the product. The better the qualities that the painted surface offers, the less maintenance is needed and the longer the maintenance painting interval is, consequently improving the environmental performance of the paint.

Using a life-cycle approach to assess our products' environmental performance helps us develop products; in a manner that results in real improvement, rather than the environmental impact merely shifting to another phase of the value chain or between environmental impact categories. The proper understanding of the environmental performance profile of a coated or painted surface enables us to develop products that can deliver a net environmental benefit.