People and society

Tikkurila is a pioneer of sustainable, high-quality and safe painting, surface treatment and use of colors, and we do it responsibly.
Tikkurila people


The corporate social responsibility is taken into account in all stages of our operations, from raw material selection and supplier management to production and the use and disposal of products. All this is done in cooperation with various stakeholders.

We always conducts our business in compliance with high ethical standards and legislation and in accordance with our values and Code of Conduct. Regardless of the market area, we extensively comply with social responsibility principles relating to human rights, employment, the right of association, discrimination, working hours and conditions, occupational safety and health as well as environmental protection and ethical business operations. We also aim to ensure our business partners’ compliance with these principles.

The social impact of our operations has been determined, and the key effects have been identified as social issues relating to the supplier chain, the occupational safety and job satisfaction of our employees, and other social issues relating to Tikkurila’s operations.  



2,700 professionals


8 production facilities
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