Our approach

Nordic quality from start to finish

Responsibility and sustainable development play a significant role in our business development, supporting our growth objectives and strengthening our market position. Sustainable development is integrated in our strategy. It is the way we conduct our business; it is the foundation of our values and brands.
Nordic quality from start to finish


For decades, Tikkurila has persistently developed and promoted high-quality and user-friendly surface treatment solutions that are safe for both people and the environment. Quality, durability and safety are our guiding principles – for raw material selection and product development, throughout our operations and the use of our products as well as in the cooperation with our stakeholders. 
Our operations have wide-ranging impacts on society and the environment. Through high-quality products and services and our professional expertise, we enhance the sustainability of building stock and infrastructure, and make spaces more beautiful, thus having a positive impact on the living environment and people’s well-being.

Several factors drive the development of our product and service offering. We live in a world of constant change and our business environment's standards are getting higher on many levels. Stricter legislation and authority requirements, customers’ changing purchasing behavior and needs, and global and business environment trends have a strong impact on business. In developing our operations and products, we take into account the world around us, global changes and people’s needs. 

A Colorful Tomorrow – Tikkurila's sustainability program

Tikkurila’s sustainability program “A Colorful Tomorrow” provides Tikkurila with a framework for responsible and sustainable business development. We promote sustainable development and take environmental, financial and social aspects into account in our daily work as well as in our strategic business development and in strengthening our market position. 

We want to ensure that our operations comply with the norms and standards of international and national responsible business, and that we work with business partners who share similar values. We follow the development of tightening environmental and safety standards and legislation, and actively participate in the work of paint-industry associations at both national and EU level.

Sustainability customer promises

Together with key business personnel, Tikkurila has defined sustainability customer promises in line with its updated strategy. These promises will guide the company sustainability initiatives and support the business development from the sustainability point-of-view.

Minimun environmental impact

We drive our portfolio towards maximized performance with minimum environmental impact.

Better resource efficiency

We drive at better resource efficiency with quality, safety and durability on top of our minds.

Active in our communities

We are a responsible and active partner in our communities.