Tikkurila drives sustainable beauty and offers colorful experiences using the limited resources of nature and society in a sustainable manner. Quality, durability and safety are guiding both our raw material choices and product development and our own operations.


We aim to systematically minimize the environmental impact of our operations and products, for instance, by developing products that extend the service life of the painted item and allow for longer maintenance painting intervals. We promote the use of water-borne products, and select the options which burden the environment less, whenever it is technically and financially possible.

In our own operations, we aim to use natural resources sparingly, and improve the efficiency of production processes and the resource efficiency of production sites, with the aim of minimizing material loss and the amount of waste. Tikkurila's objective is to implement and maintain independently audited and certified quality, environmental, and occupational health & safety management systems for each of Tikkurila's production sites.

The environmental impact of our operations has been determined, and the main environmental effects of paint during its life cycle have been identified as raw materials and packaging materials production, emissions and wastes generated during its manufacture, as well as the distribution of raw materials, packaging materials and finished products, compounds evaporating (VOC emissions) from the paint during painting and drying, and the disposal of paint waste.