Tikkurila as a Company

A leading player the paint industry in its region



  • We are a leading Nordic paint industry professional in our chosen focus markets. The most important markets are Russia, Sweden, Finland and Poland, which account for approximately 80 percent of the Group’s revenue.
  • We are the market leader in decorative paints in Russia, Sweden, Finland, and the Baltic countries. Tikkurila relies on strong brands, sustainable products which support the life cycle philosophy as well as on providing expert services to its customers. Strong brands and market leadership are the company’s key competitive advantages.
  • We focus on premium paints, which are manufactured in eight production units in six countries. The highest production capacity is located in Russia, where the company has been operating since the 1970s.
  • Our customers comprise consumers, professionals and the industry. More than 80 percent of the Group’s revenue is generated by the sales of decorative paints. Furthermore, we serves customers in the wood and metal industries. Our operations are largely based on consumer business as well as renovation and repair, which greatly reduces the company’s sensitivity to economic fluctuations.


Tikkurila's long-term financial targets

  • Revenue: Tikkurila aims for faster than market growth
  • Relative profitability: Adjusted operating profit margin over 12 percent
  • Return on capital: Operative return on capital employed (ROCE) over 20 percent
  • Balance Sheet structure: Gearing less than 70 percent


Megatrends provide opportunities: Nordic quality from the start to finish

Tikkurila is a pioneer of sustainable painting, surface treatment, and use of colors, and we do it responsibly. We drive sustainable beauty, well-being of people, and longer life of surfaces through our work and products, by using the limited resources of nature and society in a sustainable manner. 

For decades, Tikkurila has persistently developed and promoted high-quality and user-friendly surface treatment solutions that are safe for both people and the environment.

Our operations have wide-ranging impacts on society and the environment. Through high-quality products and services and our professional expertise, we protect the environment, enhance the sustainability of building stock and infrastructure, and make spaces more beautiful, thus having a positive impact on the living environment and people’s well-being.


Sustainability customer promises

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We drive our portfolio towards maximized performance with minimum environmental impact.

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We drive at better resource efficiency with quality, safety and durability on top of our minds.

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We are a responsible and active partner in our communities.