Our business

Business model

Tikkurila provides consumers, professionals and industrial customers with user-friendly and sustainable solutions for the protection and decoration of surfaces. We are committed in developing actively high-quality solutions that are safe for both health and the environment.
Our business


In our business model, strong brands, generated through high-quality and long-term product development and considerable marketing investments, are emphasized. In addition to the leading market position, strong brands and comprehensive surface treatment knowhow, the key success factors in our business operations include cost-efficient and responsible sourcing, an efficient supply chain and a functioning and extensive distribution network as well as diverse services, sales and marketing.

Tikkurila has two international strategic brands, Tikkurila and Beckers*. Furthermore, Tikkurila has many tactical regional and local brands. Each brand typically targets a certain customer segment and a certain price and quality category. We adhere to a multi-brand strategy: we position our brands by means of pricing, quality images, packaging, distribution and product properties. Thanks to the multi-brand strategy, we are able to successfully compete in all our selected price and quality categories and offer a product and service portfolio which meets customer needs.

As a paint industry player, we are positioned between raw material and packaging material suppliers and retail in our value chain. We sell decorative paints and painting related merchandising and services primarily to paint wholesalers or retailers and directly to construction supply stores. In addition, we have our own stores for professional customers in Scandinavia. We sell industrial coatings either directly to customers or through our Tikkurila Industrial Paint Service retailer network. Tikkurila has 7 paint manufacturing units to produce various paints and coatings. In addition, the Group purchases painting related merchandising from external cooperation partners that are sold further.

Our operations have wide-ranging impacts on society and the environment. Through high-quality products and services and our professional expertise, we protect the environment, enhance the sustainability of building stock and infrastructure, and make spaces more beautiful, thus having a positive impact on the living environment and people’s well-being.

*Beckers only in decorative paints in Scandinavia and certain European countries.

Business in 2020

Value creation in 2020

Key functions in our own operations include:

Raw material and packaging material purchase

Introducing new raw materials and developing raw material base of products in tight cooperation with suppliers, ensuring responsibility of supplier chain, supplier evaluation and auditing processes.

Research and development

Developing new products and services, improving product properties, development work related to raw materials and formulas, product and user safety, following and fulfilling the legal requirements.

Paint production

Manufacturing paint using the raw materials specified by product development, developing operative quality, production processes and resource efficiency, as well as improving productivity and ensuring high service level and time product deliveries.


Receiving raw materials and packaging materials, transferring them to production, warehousing, order management, distribution management and developing safety, sustainability and efficiency of logistics.

Sales and marketing

Identifying customer needs, following and analyzing market trends, marketing, sales, participating in the development of services and products, pricing, retail management.


Ideas and instructions, color and painting guidance, training, technical customer support, search services.